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Emilie Ireland Passanante is my name, and I am a photographer who enjoys capturing unique moments through the lens while developing my own personal style. From the sunshine state of Florida.


I can shoot a single image or an entire series if you need it. Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, where I pursued my dreams of Photography. Earned my Bachelor of Fine Art in Fine Art Photography with minors in Advertising and Fashion Photography. I enjoy capturing imagery that tells a story and allowing love to shine through in each frame.

My Story

Clients who hire me for their photography needs are always in for a treat because I am known for my ability to capture unique moments with my lens. I am an experienced photographer who is committed to my signature style. I can handle it all, whether you need a single image or a whole series. Photography is a true lifelong passion, not just a job. I enjoy capturing candid moments and can frame my images in compelling and unique ways.


With a backstory in technology and art, photography quickly became a passion. I started out photographing family members, friends, sporting events, and nature, and I quickly developed my own distinct style. I am also capable of working in a variety of settings and collaborating with others. I am a competitive person who maintains a heavy workload while working and competing in bowling.


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Everything you'll need to make a good impression. From pre-production and post-production advice to image editing and touch-ups, my services ensure that you get the picture-perfect result. If you want to learn more about my services, please contact me.

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